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CNC Swiss and Standard Swiss Machining

Swiss screw machining has been our core business since our inception. We specialize in both standard as well as CNC Swiss screw machining services for producing high precision, long-turned parts with small diameters. Our job shop is equipped with Swiss-type automatic machines and CNC equipment, which perform flexible operations for high volume as well as short run requirements. Swiss turning a variety of parts including, fasteners, pistons, housings, inserts, pinions, shafts, and pins, is not a problem for us.

From aircraft grade aluminum to specialty alloy steel, and various types of space age plastics, we can screw machine all materials to precision. Our automatic screw machines range includes STAR SJ-8R, CITIZEN C-16, as well ...

Davenport Multi-Spindle Machining

At Wrightwood, multi-spindle machining on Davenport machines is carried out to meet high volume production requirements. Capable of producing parts with diameters up to 7/8", our Davenport 5-spindle automatic screw machines perform rapid operations with increased efficiency. Operations such as drilling, tapping, threading, forming, and slotting, are performed simultaneously on these machines.

Our Davenport machines, with their ability to complete 75 complex parts per minute, are one of the fastest automatic screw equipment available in the market. Though technically considered multi-spindle, these machines have five spindles, which offer individual motion for every tool – features that are not available in any other conventional ...

CNC Turning

Cylindrical parts with exact geometries can be manufactured with CNC-automated precision turning. Our custom job shop is equipped with an extensive range of CNC turning centers, CNC turret lathes, and CNC chucking lathes, to help us fulfill your high volume production requirements. Maintaining tolerances as low as 0.0002”, we can CNC turn parts in a variety of shapes, such as fillet, contour, taper, and plain. Machine threaded or extruded parts with diameters ranging from 0.0625” to 6” can be handled by us. Our CNC turning machines, with live tooling capabilities, can handle bars up to 2 1/2” in diameter.

Multi-axis CNC turning centers enable us to manufacture intricate parts, such as camshafts to precision, with ease. These ...

CNC Milling

At Wrightwood, we use both CNC and manual machining centers to manufacture precision milled parts according to your specifications. Based on practices recommended by the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS), our machine operators thoroughly analyze your machining requirements before initiating the actual production process. By precision CNC milling, we machine components with rectangular, round, straight, or beveled edges. Our 4 axis Haas VF-2SS CNC vertical machining center has a machining window that can process parts up to 30” x 16” x 20” in size.

Whether we are machining near, net-shaped parts from castings or billets, the Haas VF-2SS CNC vertical machining center, with 40 taper tooling and spindle speed of ...

Standard Machining Operations

We provide standard machining services to meet diverse customer requirements - from tool designing to producing special fixtures that hold your part firmly during the machining process. Our job shop has drill presses of all shapes and sizes to add an extra cross-hole or hand-deburr your parts. Customers are provided with assistance for choosing the correct and cost-effective solutions according to their machining requirements, such as choosing thread rolling over single point cutting of threads.

Barrel tumblers and vibratory tumblers are available to deburr your parts or obtain specific finishes. Our blasting cabinets get your parts ready for anodizing or parkerizing. With our centerless grinders, we can thru-feed as well as ...
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